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What Are The Best Fishing Techniques?


Depending on the type of fish that you’re going for, there are a variety of tricks of the trade that you’ll be able to master to enhance your success. Learning different types of fishing allows you to be a diverse angler and get bigger catches. Here are some of our favorite fishing techniques for when we’re out on the water.

Fishing Technique #1: Pitching
This type of fishing is great for when you’re in show water with a thick cover. Pitching is used when you want to get close without spooking the fish too much. The key to successfully pulling off this trick is practice and using a soft, plastic type of lure.

While not as precise as the other techniques, it’s done by letting out your line so it’s around even to the reel. You’ll also want to leave your reel open by pressing down on the button. Lower the tip of your rod towards the water, and grab hold of the lure with your free hand. From that point, pull on your line. This will add tension.

The technique is completed by letting go of the lure, spinning the rod tip in one smooth motion. As it swings away, close the reel. This technique will help you to hopefully slingshot the bait towards your fish. The rest is just up to your ability to practice.

Fishing Technique #2: Flipping
A similar technique that will help you to his your target location is flipping. Let out some of the line on your reel. You’ll need about eight to fifteen feet. Grab the line between that and the rod and extend your arm while pulling onto the line.

Then, you’ll want to raise the rod towards you and swing. In a pendulum potion, swing the bait towards the target and tighten up any of the remaining slack. It may seem like an awkward motion, but it’s great for catching any fish that are otherwise shy.